The Rise:

"She was drowned in a toxic marriage and work environment. But Laurence worked on herself for two years after successfully leaving behind her abusive marriage & burnout and authored a book. Now, she helps others walk on a path of liberation by empowering them to break toxic patterns in relationships and life to become the best version of themselves."

Bestselling "Take Your Power In a Toxic Environment" Book

If you’ve been struggling to create the results you’d like in your relationships and profession, you may be focusing on cliched hustles, but leaving out the most critical component. TOXICITY ELIMINATION!

In TAKE YOUR POWER IN A TOXIC ENVIRONMENT you will learn how to connect to the core nature of your personality and start to listen to your inner empowered boss. 

Get some exclusive and valuable keys to develop the right reflexes in an environment that limits you, your talents, and your dreams!


to Laurence?

Laurence Liroy is an author of Take Your Power In a Toxic Environment and is well-renowned for her unique approach towards relationships and personal development. She is supporting change-makers and dream-achievers from around the world to create empowerment and expansion in their profession, relationships, and lives with the power of their own abilities.

But it wasn’t the same just a few short years back. She was a struggling wife, trying to recover from toxicity in her marriage. At one point, she was left with nothing but abuse in her love life and burnout in her work. 

Thankfully, one day it dawned on her that she should walk away from her 'not so healthy' marriage of 4 years no matter how soul-crushing it seemed at that time. Laurence also said goodbye to her toxic work environment with the same spirit and “miracle” after “miracle” started to happen – resulting in her life changing, along with so many of others’ lives along the way, in all possible ways: Increased peace of mind & impact + happy and healthy relationships!

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