6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being
Get the ULTIMATE reset for your mindset, rediscover your purpose, and take ownership of your story


(A transformative journey to unlock your true potential)
in just a matter of WEEKS!!!

ONLY for USD 2,987!!!

6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being
Get the ULTIMATE reset for your mindset, rediscover your purpose, and take ownership of your story


(A transformative journey to unlock your true potential)
in just a matter of weeks

ONLY for USD 2,987!!!

Being in a blissful and balanced emotional state is

Of course, with personal experience, I can say that avoiding ‘THE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK’ is an uphill battle!
Rising Like a Phoenix When Emotional Burnout & Trauma Turned Your Mindset Into Ashes Isn’t a Snap-of-the-fingers deal.
I even managed to emerge out of the trauma of sitting in the neonatal ICU with my premature twins and that I had absolutely no control over what would happen
(Get ready to unleash the power within you and create a life filled with abundance and fulfillment.)
Raise Your Hands If As a Survivor, You Have Tried Everything From Affirmations and Random Guided Meditations In The Hopes To Chase Dysregulation and the effects of trauma Away and Achieve Your EMOTIONAL WELLNESS & permanent growth-mindset!
Okay, So I'm Not The Only One Who Once Struggled With Gut-Wrenching Trauma & Emotional Regulation? Phew!
I’m guessing here are some experiences you had in your journey so far…
  • Feeling utterly trapped, lost, and devoid of purpose, as if life has become a meaningless, directionless maze.
  • Struggling beneath the weight of suffocating self-doubt and paralyzing beliefs that continually sabotage any chance of personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Experiencing a profound sense of emptiness and identity crisis, desperately yearning to uncover one's true purpose and restore a deep sense of meaning to life.
  • ​Tortured by an incessant, cruel inner voice that relentlessly whispers words of self-hatred, unworthiness, and despair, eroding any flicker of hope or self-confidence.
  • Feeling utterly defenseless and unable to find solace or balance amidst the chaos.
  • ​Experiencing a sense of disconnect from your true potential.
  • ​Struggling to break free from toxic stress and make better decisions.
    If that sounds like you, powerful human, I feel like the following terms might sound unfamiliar:
    • Specificity
    • Narrative Rewriting
    • ​Radical self love
    If that’s the case, there’s a teensy bit more GOLD to explore on the horizon of the easily accessible ideal growth mindset!
    And Do You Know What The Best Part Is?
    Exploring a new world that leads to the overall life of your dreams is super duper effortless and easier than you’d ever imagine!
    Have you ever assessed the core factors apart from the obvious ones and the influence of childhood development & trauma on your burnout, compromised mental health, and stunted life growth?
    A little heads up, they’re major contributing factors that even the most popular gurus don’t talk much about. Not to mention ‘Havening’.
    No need to overwhelm yourself with all this new information!
    There was a time I was as drowned in trauma and  lack of emotional well-being as you. 
    I was a high risk for 'post-natal depression' and of getting divorced because of a premature and multiple births.
    I learned ‘GROWTH & HEALING’ the hard way;
    so, you don’t have to!
    You won’t believe that at one point, I felt guilty about my sister losing her identical twins at 22 weeks, and the fact that mine had survived. !!!
    Well, it seems like ages ago..
    Fast forward: I started making the conscious decision that no one parent or any person would ever experience those feelings of extreme turmoil I had endured!

    I became the health professional that I needed when I became a mother, and there was immense learning, healing, and growth from that. This became such a catalyst for the coach I am today, 15 years from the moment I became a mother.
    BUT THEN..
    I remembered the day they were born (by C-section), I had to witness one of them being resuscitated, and for a while there in my career, I was a resuscitation officer. 

    You can't begin to imagine the level of trauma being on the other side with all that knowledge feels like (it's worse, I assure you). 

    So, I REALLY emphasize the impact of becoming a parent (particularly a mother) can have on a person. 
    Then I finally came out of it and cultivated a healing-based growth mindset through a special method I discovered during my turmoil days!
    I can’t describe in words how empowering it was. I fell in love with  SERVING after that. And now I’m handing it all over to you!
    So, not only do I understand what you're going through, I can feel your hopes withering away just like mine did.
    So for that, I have only one request…
    Pause, and hear me out.
    This is much more than just willpower, discipline, self-control and other cliches.
    You already know that a healing & growth mindset is the fuel that will help you achieve the life of your dreams, correct? So, embrace the best version of yourself right now:

    You’ve been ‘strong’ and ‘dying inside’ long enough... You’ve been ‘patient’ long enough... You’ve heard ‘it’s all gonna be okay’ long enough…

    But WHEN??

    Just ‘SOON’ is NOT enough!!
    Vague future promises based on cliches are NOT FREAKING enough!!

    Now, I know you have this invisible ceiling over your head that somehow never lets your POTENTIAL fully bloom. No matter how hard you try!
    So, I am here to CONGRATULATE you.
    That’s right! It’s no longer there.

    You have successfully broken the glass ceiling.

    "But I still don't see myself growing, duh!"
    Well, the fact that you landed on this page and you're reading this is living proof that your ULTIMATE HEALING & GROWTH is right around the corner. You HAVE stepped into the light that takes you to the best version of yourself: physically, mentally, and emotionally!
    6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being
    WARNING: The Nature Of Your Healing & Progress Will Shock You To Your Very Core!!!
    This is the most sustainable form of progress you’ll ever experience. Something you didn’t before.
    Taking a break from the cliches like obsessing over results, imagining the worst-case scenario, overthinking everything, intrusive thoughts, have you ever thought about the role of your mindset on your entire sense of being?

    That's exactly what this ‘6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being’ program rolls out.
    Your 6-Week Journey Of Embracing Curiosity,Unique Goal-Setting & Tapping Into The Power of Your Story :
    Week #1
    Embracing Curiosity and Self-Discovery 
    In this 6-week program, we'll dive deep into the core of who you are. Get curious and discover the unique qualities that make you extraordinary. Leave behind self-limiting beliefs that have held you back, and tap into your purpose, values, and beliefs. Together, we'll create a growth mindset that empowers you to achieve greatness.
    Week #2
     Setting Clear Goals and Creating Your Vision 
    Specificity is key when it comes to achieving your dreams. During this program, we'll work together to set clear, actionable goals and craft a compelling vision for your life. No more vague wishes or distant aspirations. We'll develop a roadmap that leads directly to your desired outcomes. Get ready to take charge of your destiny.
    Week #3
    Embracing the Power of Your Story
    Your story holds immense power. It's time to reclaim it and harness its potential. We'll explore the art of storytelling and how it shapes your perception of yourself and the world around you. By acknowledging and letting go of elements that no longer serve you, you'll create a new narrative that empowers and propels you toward your goals.
    Week #4
    Owning Your Story and Rewriting Narratives
    Now that you've reclaimed your story, it's time to take ownership and rewrite it according to your desires. Let go of negative self-perceptions and engage in positive affirmations that reshape your inner dialogue. You have the power to change the script and craft a story that aligns with your true potential. It's time to rewrite your destiny.
    Week #5
    Cultivating a Resilient Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
    Your mindset is the driving force behind your success. Together, we'll work on cultivating a resilient mindset and breaking free from the chains of limiting beliefs. Embrace the power of positive self-talk and learn how to leverage your strengths to overcome challenges. No more self-imposed barriers. It's time to unlock your full potential.
    Week #6
    Tailoring Your Goals and Crafting Your Action Plan
    In the final week of the program, we'll tailor your goals and create a personalized action plan. You'll learn how to set realistic and achievable targets and break them down into manageable steps. We'll refine and adjust your objectives based on your learnings and insights, ensuring they align with your evolving vision.
    After witnessing some intangible and tangible results, you'll be ready for an immersive experience.
    Get the ULTIMATE cure to stagnancy & trauma with science-based methods & achieve your


    (physical, mental, & emotional
    in just a matter of WEEKS!!!)

    ONLY for USD 2,987!!!

    After witnessing some intangible and tangible results, you'll be ready for an immersive experience.


    Now it is $ 2987 Only

    ATTENTION: This is not a ‘Cliched Self-help Quotes’ kind of Experience!
    As you prepare to step into the light, you will experience a massive mindset shift as you tackle some limiting beliefs and reflect on them.
    But here's the thing…
    Sadly, it isn't for everyone.
    In fact, this is a road less taken.

    People all over the world are relying on secret sauces and black & white logic in an attempt to attain incredible life.

    Only someone open to the healing that already exists can swim in the pool of limitless and abundant possibilities.

    Only people who trust the power that dwells within them can make the most out of this program.
    Here’s what the type of powerful clients I’m talking about experienced…
    AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT AWAITS YOU INSIDE ' 6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being' PROGRAM
    An immersive and enlightening experience where you master the art of exploring what lies in front of you and embrace the masterpiece that is your own DREAM LIFE
    It's not just another program promising to teach you some random new stuff. 
    It's a beyond powerful universe that will ground and support you as you:
    • Gain more clarity and eliminate misconceptions about your mind
    • Recognize the patterns you need to shift to welcome positive life changes
    • Tap into your consciousness and activate the divine energy that lies within you
    • ​Learn more about how your self-made limitations are killing your DREAM LIFE and learn how to transcend them to bring you forward
    • ​Walk through 6 specifically designed stages of overcoming mindset barriers with gratitude and power to unleash your fierce and awakened self
    What Exactly Does The ‘6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being' look like?
    The first step is all about setting your goal, getting some clarity, assessing your current situation, and lifting the barrier that lies between you and the life of your dreams. 
    Unlearn the conventional definition of a typical hustling and unbalanced growth you've heard your entire life and cultivate a deep understanding of what actual growth really is.

    This portion will evaluate how the misalignment of these concepts can negate every effort towards a good life and how you can activate and align them to finally achieve the life of your dreams!
    Continuing our journey of GROWTH, we will take a deep dive into embracing the art of emotional alchemy as you learn to gracefully navigate the ebb and flow of life's currents, transforming stress into serenity and making decisions from a place of inner wisdom and peace.

    In the section of the program, you will explore some enlightening details about yourself and how it affects your ultimate goal.

    Trust me, it's beyond magical.
    Equip yourself with a toolbox of powerful tools, strategies, and techniques that you can continue to use beyond the program, ensuring sustained growth and ongoing success in all aspects of your life.

    Discover timeless wisdom and bewitching artifacts that will remain by your side, forever guiding you on your quest for growth and everlasting success.

    Witness the enchantment of a personal metamorphosis, as you unveil your true self in all its ethereal glory. Embrace a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment, guided by the mystic whispers of your soul's calling.
    As this highlight of your life comes to a halt, it's time to celebrate your achievements with all your heart! I'll drop in some do's and don'ts to walk the aisle of your DREAM LIFE by yourself.

    Of course, now, you'll have a life you deeply love and a rock solid self-image that contributes to a better mental and emotional well-being. 
    Wait, there’s more…
    Besides the ‘6 Weeks to THE ULTIMATE Growth Mind Reset & An Elevated Emotional Well-Being' program, you also get these two really cool bonuses to keep you amped up in your progress:

    [BONUS #1 to be discussed & added]

    [BONUS #2 to be discussed & added]

    Know Your Activator


    But this wasn’t always my persona. I am a happy mother of two adorable twin boys. But there was a time when gut-wrenching trauma took its toll on my entire being.

    After having my babies, I knew I was supposed to feel like a volcano of happiness erupting inside of me. Somehow, my rock bottom moment  knocked on the door as I was sitting in the neonatal ICU with my premature twins and that feeling of absolute terror of what could happen. 

    Being an ICU nurse, I knew worst-case scenario), and that I had absolutely no control over it. That was one of the worst experiences of my life. Then, the constant bombardment of literally being told by health professionals that I was a high risk for 'post-natal depression' and of getting divorced because of a premature and multiple births. 

    The first year of their life was the hardest of my life. I literally went into the 'ICU nurse' mode of charting and 'doing' all the time feeling numb and disconnected from myself. 

    Soon, as expected, I hit rock bottom and something inside me screamed that it was time to turn this around. In my heart, I knew this wasn't permanent and things are going to get better for me both physically and mentally.

    Fast forward to my journey, I healed and now I'm making sure that no one has to ever go through what I did.
    Will this be the right fit for me?
    This program is for anyone who has been dealing with trauma, burnout, emotional distress, stagnancy, anxiety, depression, or anything that has to do with imbalance and a lack of emotional well-being. 
    How will the sessions be conducted?
    The sessions will be conducted via Zoom after the enrollment. In this duration, you will have access to the Facebook group in which all your queries will be promptly answered. 
    What is the entire duration of the program?
    The entire duration of the program is 6 weeks.
    What after 6 weeks or when the program is done?
    Through the course of 6 weeks, you will learn the core of this program as an ingrained lifestyle skill to retain your progress for the long haul. In short, you would have achieved your DREAM LIFE & a deep transformation inside-out! Some other happy bonuses would be enhanced relationships with your loved ones and more peace of mind.
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